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8th Evil Ex BF, Wild Flowers by lordlim 8th Evil Ex BF, Wild Flowers by lordlim
I have decided to enter the Scott Pilgrim contest (on accounts of my friends emotional support) so I came up with this 8th evil ex boyfriend. He was sort of a boyfriend but he became a stepbrother of Ramona.

Name: Wild Flowers (Originally named Wild Rice)
Powers: Death Reaper Squad Skills (Unable to analyze)
Weapon: Scythe of the Flower Reaper (Standard issue)

A long time ago, approximately during high school, Ramona dated Wild Rice. Wild Rice was just the kind of average joe you would normally find during high school. The two were pretty close, until Ramona's dad married Wild Rice's mom. So Wild Rice ended up becoming Ramona's step brother. Wild Rice was elated with the idea of having a sister girlfriend and moved in with her. Wild Rice also happily changes his name to Wild Flowers to accept his new relationship with Ramona. Wild Flowers (which he will be referred to as now) would proudly wear the title of "I have slept with my sister!"

Of course, Ramona didn't like how this new relationship was going on the account that Wild Flowers began having a newfound fetish. Ramona ultimately broke up with Wild Flowers, and you can say that he is one of the reasons that she left her family and didn't make contact with them.

Wild Flowers lost contact with Ramona and fell into deep depression. He ended up going to the Death Reaper Squadron and honed his deadly skills as a reaper.

Wild Flowers received an assignment to kill Scott Pilgrim for multiple accounts of illegal actions, such as people turning into coins after killing them (Killing people to earn money is illegal by law!), using a 1up (There are no second chances in life!), and powerups (Life is supposed to be hard!). After reading through the reports, Wild Flowers found out where his long lost sister is and sets forth to kill Scott Pilgrim and take back Ramona through force!

So in making this piece I tried to put in an homage to a specific game (most of you oughta be familiar with it) and the name sort of turned out how I'd like it to be.

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers belong to Bryan Lee O'Malley
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DarkPrince2007 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I found this very silly, because... how is going to be room for an 8th evil ex... if they are 7... you know how to count, isn't it?

So, in 7, there's no room for an 8th thing! But is interesting to notice that if it would be an 8th ex... it could be Scott in a near future... you know, some b!tches don't forget their habits....

Just my opinion.
JohnxThexScreamer Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
"i slept with my sister" lmfao
BRouse3318 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010
Awesome. You did a great job of using a similar style as the comics.
musiccrazysniper Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
hey this is cool did you do a homage to pokemon wow thats kinda cool
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August 16, 2010
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